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Filing Information

Tariff Title (Required): The name of the database assigned by the Tariff Submitter.

Filing Title (Required): The title given to the Tariff Filing by the Tariff Submitter.

Associated FIling Id (Conditional): The Filing Identifier for the previous Tariff Filing to which the subject filing pertains. The Baseline, Normal and Cancellation type of Filing categories do not require an Associated Filing Identifier (associated_filing_id). Compliance may require an Associated Filing Identifier depending on the circumstance. All other Type of Filing categories require an Associated Filing Identifier.

Display Filing Records (Optional): Select the filing records to be displayed on the Filing Records tab. Associated with selected Associated Filing Id will only display the filing records associated with the selected Associated Filing Id. Checking FERC Effective Status will display all records with FERC Effective status on the Filing Records screen.

Note: Please verify your User Preferences -> Tariff and Record Display preferences incase of any issues.

Filing Type (Required): Filing Type available are Baseline, Refile, Normal, Complaince, Amendment, Cancellation, Withdrawal, Report and Motion.

Filing Type Code (Required): A code that identifies the specific FERC defined type of Tariff Filing as set forth in Title 18 Code of Federal Regulations Parts
35, 154, 284, 300, 341 or other Parts as required by the Commission (e.g., initial, compliance, surcharge, etc.). The Type of Filing will dictate the data requirements for the subject filing.

Tariff Approach (Required): Tariff approach is set when creating a new Tariff and cannot be modified later.

Payment Conformation Code (Conditional): The Accession Number for the associated fee that has been previously submitted via FERC Online’s www.pay.gov, as applicable. Conditional based on the Type of Filing. Required if payment is required by the
regulations. Provided by the Tariff Submitter.

Suspense Motion Resposnse (Conditional): An indication of whether or not the Tariff Records should automatically go into effect at the end of the applicable suspension period. Conditional based off of Type of Filing. Provided by the Tariff Submitter. 

​Validation Email (Required): The e-mail address provided by the Tariff Submitter for notification of whether the Tariff Filing meets the technical requirements such that it can be passed on to the OSEC for further processing.